France. Encore une fois.

This has been my best year ever (or not?). OK, it has been better because I have discovered something I really love doing and that is interventional radiology. I spent three months in Bucharest trying to learn the basics and now I am in France, in my opinion, the best place to learn something in radiology.  I am grateful for that.

But, everything has a price. Usually, in order to gain something new you have to give something in return (your time spent with loved ones and sometimes health). Oh, about that, I found out this year I am not an Iron Man after all (the race that I finished in July 2015 in Roth proves nothing more than the fact that I like sports. If you have the right person to support you, everybody can accomplish anything).

Health has been a major concern for me in 2016. I have some chronic health problems, as my aunt keeps telling me, I am not 20 anymore, but recently I have been given a new opportunity to grow, to be better as a person, to be humble. As of sudden I felt a sharp pain, in my left leg. Nothing compared to what I had before.

I work in a radiology department, so it wasn’t hard to do an MRI  that day. What it was easy to assume clinically, it proved painfully true on the images. I had a nice disc herniation with extrusion, and a big 2cm fragment keeps pressing against my left sciatic nerve. They really hug each other. And like every big love I had, it gives me a lot of pain. After two weeks it gets better, but the prospect of surgery is still on and the time will tell if I should do it or not.

So grind your teeth old fellow and try to stay away from sports for a while ! Easier said than done.

Stay active ! Stay fit ! (while you can;)


One response to “France. Encore une fois.

  1. I believe in what it is being told… heart will always choose to „speak” for itself in case mind ignores it every day. And when it does that, it’s usually painful. Like in your case. Take better care of your heart and even if your body is not like at 20s anymore, you’ll certainly feel like then 😉

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